Your whole travel plan in one application
Keep all tickets, bookings, notes, links and files on a single trip timeline
We are tired of storing everything in different places.
Tickets in emails. Hotel bookings in separate applications. Budgets in spreadsheets. Routes in guidebooks. Insurance in individual files. Lists of things in notebooks. Recommendations from friends in messages. AAA!!
Instead of a trip plan, you get chaos.
We tried to collect everything in Excel, Google Sheets, Trello, Notion and even in paper notebooks. No good. It's annoying to waste time on systematization when you just want to plan a trip.
The Internet is constantly needed.
But not all applications work offline. Roaming is expensive, and the network does not connect everywhere. You have to look for wi-fi, but it is often too slow or does not work.
Travel without fuss.
All your travel history in one place.
Files, notes and links for each trip.
The whole trip on the same timeline.
Offline access to any trip.
Plan your next trip at Trips.
Release in Autumn 2020
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